Travel & Charter Management

  • Business Jet Travel offers something new to Australia – a unique travel service never available before to business or government clients.
  • Business Jet Travel combines Travel Management solutions utilising commercial airlines, hotels and associated services with business jet charter solutions where they suit client needs.
  • To prove its worth BJT will provide a complimentary consulting review of any new client's travel profile and pattern to see where savings and efficiencies can be made – as an introduction to our service.

In a world of globalisation, there is an ever increasing demand to go to new and more remote places in regional Australia and across the globe. Cheaper air travel and the commoditisation of this service is driving a continued increase in passenger numbers and congestion and often lower service levels. There is also a continued drive from the commercial airlines to focus on the primary profitable routes, often overlooking the needs of large segments of the market.

Whether you are a corporate traveller, government agency, and sports team competing in a national competition or VIP – travellers face the same problems every time they plan travel and associated support arrangements across ANZ, APAC and the globe.

These problems are limited commercial scheduling to many places, inflexible timetables, depleted service and large premiums being placed by airlines and agencies to overcome these problems. This leads to longer travel times, more time away from the place of business or less time with clients. This drives up costs, pushes down staff and business and client satisfaction. Traditional travel companies don't cater for corporate jet options that can boost the productivity of senior executives travelling remotely and sometimes even reduce overall travel costs – this is now a problem of the past with the launch of Business Jet Travel.

"For the first time in Australia a new way of corporate travel will now be possible. Companies are now looking at travel time and cost as precious commodities in their own right - it's no longer about the mechanics of booking flights or hotels, the key is to maximise returns in the air and on the ground and minimise the time away from the office and home," said Business Jet Travel's Co-founder and CEO Vas Nikolovski.

For too long everything has been based on commercial airline schedules. Business Jet Travel turns that process on its head. Business Jet Travel look at the end result being sought by business traveller and offer flexible solutions rather than just printing out airline schedules. It's about finding cost effective and time sensitive options for travel - that's the corporate travel of the future. Every travel request is analysed and effective planning and routing provided via commercial airlines and private jet charter – all through a single dedicated service provider, utilising market leading systems and processes to manage the clients and their requirements – This is a first to market offering.

"Reducing travel time can be the biggest factor in improving productivity, curbing the increases in travel spend and driving higher and higher client/staff and end user satisfaction. This applies to all sectors of the market – Corporate to Entertainment, Sports Industry to VIP," Mr Nikolovski said.

More and more companies in Australia will now be able to look at the option of utilising private jets for getting to regional and remote locations or for instances when time is just too precious. Business just cannot afford unnecessary days away from the office - that's the reality of business travel in Australia and across APAC in the 21st century. This is a generally accepted practise now in the United States. Business Jet Travel has been launched to service this requirement in Australia and APAC as these regions will follow similar trends to the US to using these types of services.

"Private jet travel can be the most cost effective option sometimes, especially when matched and blended with commercial airline capability – this is the unique value that Business Jet Travel brings to the market for the first time," Mr Nikolovski said.


Business Jet Travel provides Australian national, regional and international wide aviation solutions by combining Airline Travel with Business Jet Travel to provide a holistic turnkey solution. This method assists with risk management for our clients, whilst promoting OH&S best practise.