Travel Security

Travel Safety Management By Intelligent Travel

  • Travel warnings

We provide constant and specific updates, inclusive of notifications and advisories for travellers to specific cities and locations, not generic country based reporting. All notifications are curated and targeted specific to travellers and travel related activity. These information updates are also incorporated into pending/upcoming travel safety reviews and personal news feeds to ensure all future and current travellers are equally informed of important happenings and professional advice.

All our communications, including notifications and alerts are visual, informative and multimedia focused.

Travel warning

  • Risk ratings of jurisdictions for passengers to determine whether to proceed

All travel safety ratings are unique and customised specifically to the traveller, activity, journey and destination producing a far more actionable resource for individuals and businesses in determining the conditions for undertaking travel. Incorporating thousands of verifiable health, safety, security and risk metrics we are able to personalise each and every journey. These safety based evaluations are coded and stored as part of the traveller’s personal travel safety profile and can be access online via the majority of available smart devices.

Each personalised [billions of unique combinations] travel safety rating is inclusive of individual, destination, aviation and road safety risk ratings.

Risk ratings

  • Visa requirements

Integrated into each individuals travel safety management profile is the ability to check, confirm and apply for an appropriate travel visa [Australian based travellers only at this stage], all within the one system.


  • Recommended vaccinations

Each destination city travel safety analysis and supporting resource comes complete with specific, professional health content inclusive of recommended vaccinations and preventative health measures, all within the same system.


  • Safety of travellers is the highest priority. Describe systems or controls you have to assist in keeping our personnel safe

Our travel safety management systems and controls are based on national and international safety and risk management standards consistent with existing workplace health and safety practices, applies specifically to travel and mobile employees. Many fragmented and stand alone health and safety practices conducted are consolidated into our single, online, personalised and interactive travel safety platform.

Systems of keeping our personal safe

In keeping with best practice and compliance demands, each personalised travel safety analysis provides induction, orientation, news, analysis, advice and relevant educational resources for each journey and traveller in a single system.

Safety of travellers  video links and points of interest

Further consolidating often used and necessary travel resources, we provide multimedia educational resources and detailed, interactive mapping functions, all accessible from the one system. This includes turn-by-turn navigation from the airport to the CBD/city centre which works directly from a travellers smart phone.

For more specific, targeted or proprietary educational resources we create and host a variety of secure, online, on demand and renewable multimedia content.


  • This is particularly important for our exploration team that travel to many and varied locations

Because of our unique, proprietary system and approach we are able to provide detailed and specific content, even for remote and worksite specific locations, inclusive of our own independent content, in addition to your own travel health, safety, security and risk management content or resources.

Building on our already personal, extensive and market leading approach, we are able to provide even greater travel safety support to individual and diverse teams travelling to many and varied locations in the same way one could expect when travelling to a major city or well known location.


  • Do you have a system for traveller tracking based on actual reported location in addition to tracking based on planned location (i.e. taken from itineraries)

Utilising a travellers existing smartphone, we are able to quickly and efficiently monitor one or thousands of travellers, in real time, inclusive of other monitoring factors such as speed, battery life and duration stationary or since last update. Our system is scalable, cost effective and works of a combination of GPRS, GPS and WiFi location services.

Managers and travellers can monitor their own movements and control their own privacy settings and time/duration of monitoring, minimising privacy concerns of users.

Additional devices, inclusive of vehicle mounted can be added or incorporated within the system as required.

Traveller tracking smartphone
Traveller tracking-1
Traveller tracking-2

Emergency and priority communications can be activated directly from within the application, conveying essential information about the individual, location and urgency of support required.

Traveller tracking Alarm button

  • What’s your ability to manage or identify potentially unsafe carriers based on Safety or aircraft incidents

Each of our personal, individualised travel safety assessments includes an aviation safety evaluation of the national aviation infrastructure, incidents, capacity and regulatory controls, regardless of the carrier or route.

Working in collaboration with corporate and commercial aviation providers and technical experts, we are able to identify potentially unsafe carriers based on safety and aircraft incident monitoring.


  • VIP service – please outline the services you would offer to VIPs and the number of VIPs this would apply to

We have a graduated and extensive service level suite to suit routine and VIP travellers [and their support team] as required. VIPs enjoy virtually unlimited access to our resources, networks and planning/support services on a priority basis. We can create customised support channels and dedicated or customised resources in accordance with your business VIPs requirements. Our customer support platform is fully integrated with our team of travel health, safety and security professional advisor network and ongoing travel safety management operations.

Derived from tens of thousands of traveller enquiries and support cases, we offer direct access to our dynamic database of advice, education, intelligence and professional content as part of our travel safety management services.

VIP service

  • How would you ensure that VIPs’ preferences / requests are met?

Working in collaboration with your travel management provider, we can ensure, monitor and delivery a very high, unparalleled standard of personalised travel safety support.